7 Quick Tips To End Knee Pain!

1. Proper Shoe Wear

Work from the ground up. Having proper shoe wear can reduce the forces put on your knees each and every day. Wearing any type of shoes (dress shoes or work boots) that have the wrong type of support, means your knees are taking on extra pressure. Wearing high heels, for example, can multiply the pressure put on your back. By avoiding high heels your back will have a lot less pressure on it all day long. Ensuring that you have proper shoe wear throughout your day, means your knees are supported and allows you to move as freely as you want.

2. Running is GOOD for Your Knees!

Numerous high quality studies show over and over again that running IS healthy for your knees and actually reduces knee pain. People who run at least 1 mile a week have less arthritis than people who run less than 1 mile a week. Running does not speed up the wear and tear of your joints as long as it is done properly. This means going from couch potato to marathon runner is not he way to go. But having a profession oversee your running program and progressively increasing it while making sure you have proper technique is not only SAFE for your knees but makes them healthier and stronger, delaying arthritis and reducing knee pain! Stop sitting around making an excuse that you are "resting" it when in reality if you speak to a professional, they can get you moving quicker and running further pain free.

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