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Celebrating 5 Years & Counting!

Dr. Dan Luczka, Owner/Founder

As the founder and owner of InstaCare Physical Therapy, I am proud to announce that September 24th, 2023 marks the 5 year anniversary of InstaCare! It has been a dream come true these past 5 years and I feel like we are just getting started!

I knew I wanted to be a physical therapist when I was 14 years old and never looked back. My passion for movement and helping others heal, drove me to be the best physical therapist I could be. When I finally graduated and started practicing, I was shocked at what I found. I realized the “norm” was treating multiple people at once with the focus on billing the highest fees instead of focusing on what was best for the patient. Or worse, allowing insurance companies to dictate the care of my patients. I knew patients would progress quicker, if I could provide them with the undivided attention they deserved. I did not want to work the next 30 years like this. So, I started my own company where I could practice solely 1-on-1 and treat each patient like a V.I.P.

Being able to finally do what I have been dreaming of for many years was the best feeling in the world. I could (and still do) say that I love getting up to go to “work” each day.

Now InstaCare has 4 locations in Chester County and 4 full time physical therapists! (and growing!) We provide care just how I always envisioned, 1-on-1 with the patient and physical therapist dictating treatment, so each patient gets the highest quality care possible.

I have many people to thank for helping me get here because I certainly did not do this alone. Thank you to my family, friends, mentors, teachers, patients, coworkers and everyone else who has been helpful along the way. I know I am extremely blessed to be where I am.

Along my journey I have been lucky enough to have other like-minded physical therapists take the leap and join my team! We all agree that the focus is providing each and every patient with the best care possible. With these guiding principles I know that InstaCare will continue to have a bright future!

Looking forward to the next chapter of InstaCare and eternally grateful to have the trust of so many patients! There are many options out there but they continue to choose us and I am honored.
Forever dedicated to helping people move as well as they can, for as long as they can.

Dan Luczka
Owner/Founder of InstaCare

Meet the Author

Dr. Dan Luczka, PT, DPT is dedicated to the wellness of each and every person who walks through the door. With his knowledge, he helps health conscious individuals live their most active and fit life without the need for pills, injections or surgery. When Dr. Luczka isn't using his magic touch to keep people as active and healthy as they can, he's attending classes and conferences to implement the most innovative practices and technologies to address his patients' needs.

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