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Work From Home Stretches!

Working from home and notices some stiffness and aches from sitting all day? Try these stretches out to keep you feeling good so you can be focused and productive!

Knee Pain Rehab

Everyone's knee pain rehab should be customized for the individual and directed by evidence-based practice from the clinical expert. Call your Doctor of Physical Therapy to get you feeling your best to stay as active and healthy as possible!

What Happens During a Telehealth Session?

What actually happens during a telehealth session?

Dr. Dan Luczka, PT, DPT briefly breaks down the steps of what happens during a telehealth session and explains how we diagnosis and treat the core issue to keep you active, pain-free and healthy!

At InstaCare Physical Therapy we help health-conscious individuals stay active and healthy without the use of addicting medications, painful injections or risky surgery!

Relief for Upper Back and Neck Pain

Stuck at home dealing with upper back and neck pain? Many times it is related to poor posture which causes certain muscles to really tighten up, producing pain.

These exercises will help relax those muscles to reduce your stiffness and pain!

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