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Our Online Programs Include

Guided work outs with videos and descriptions of each exercise.

Ability to direct message a Doctor of Physical Therapy with questions or specialized workout requests for measurable results.

Loaded with short 1-2 minute educational videos on that topic.

Available Programs

Online Musculoskeletal Programs

  • 6 Weeks in length with a routine 5 days a week, Mon-Fri
  • 15-30 minutes a day depending on the program
  • Video demonstrations of each exercise
  • Phone app to use or online portal
  • Track compliance by checking off each exercise for accountability!
  • Packed with educational videos on the related topics

These online programs are created to help avoid pain and reduce the risk of injury at the designated body region. These programs are packed with evidence based exercises for each body region and have tons of educational videos about the relevant topics to help the user better understand their bodies and the science beyond what they may need to do to keep their body pain free and moving freely

These online programs have video demonstrations and text so each technique is easy to comprehend and follow. You can check off each exercise to help keep yourself accountable.

Your program will start on the Monday after purchase to line up with your work week.

Click below on which program you would like to get started with and your body will thank you for it!

Bulletproof Your Low Back

Pre-Recorded Educational Videos

  • Pre-recorded videos 2-10 minutes in length and may involve 3-10 videos per topic.
  • Evidence based content

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I am often asked what exercises can help keep your back healthy? I narrowed down the best exercises for back health in this 6-week program that takes you through 5 sessions a week. Mini Bands are beneficial to have for this program but not required. Go to our recommended products page for cheap options to buy mini bands for an added work out.

These sessions focus on improving the mobility and strength of your low back, core, hips and legs.

On-Site Physical Therapy Screens

  • Doctor of Physical Therapist performing initial evaluation for any aches/pains
  • No scripts or referrals required
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Hands on treatment
  • Videos of exercises to perform uploaded to free app for phone or on online portal
  • Ability to direct message PT through online portal

The sooner you receive quality treatment for an ache or pain, the sooner you will be back to your 100%. This also translates to fewer missed work days, stopping the issue before it snowballs further and saving you money by addressing it asap.

Blog Articles

  • Health related blog articles written by Doctor's of Physical Therapy
  • Engaging and informative information
  • Various topics including; When to get an MRI? How to treat Tennis Elbow, Low Back Pain Facts, Managing Arthritis, and more!

Knowledge is power, and the more you can understand about a certain that concerns you, the better decisions you can make about your health and wellness.

Webinar Series

  • Webinar series hosted by a Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Evidence based content
  • Interactive webinars with demonstrations throughout
  • Topics include; Bone and Joint Health, Injury Prevention, Tennis Elbow, Dry Needling and more!

Learn about a relevant health related topics with a 30 minute presentation followed by Q & A. We tend to have great discussion after the presentation and highly encourage questions so everyone gets the most out of it.


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