Online Programs

Our Online Programs Include

Guided work outs with videos and descriptions of each exercise.

Ability to direct message a Doctor of Physical Therapy with questions or specialized workout requests for measurable results.

Loaded with short 1-2 minute educational videos on that topic.

Available Programs

Stretching & The Office

  • 6 Weeks Mon-Fri
  • 15 minutes/day

These stretching exercises were specifically designed to be able to perform in professional clothing and in the office setting, making them extremely practical to perform at work. This program will start on the Monday after your purchase to keep you mobile during your work week.

Stop getting distracted at work with stiff joints and aches muscles from sitting for too long. This program will help you stay focused at work, get rid of those stiff backs and help you feel your best all day long!



Lower Back Health

  • 6 Weeks Mon-Fri
  • 20-40 minutes/day

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy I am often asked what exercises can help keep your back healthy? I narrowed down the best exercises for back health in this 6-week program that takes you through 5 sessions a week. Mini Bands are beneficial to have for this program but not required. Go to our recommended products page for cheap options to buy mini bands for an added work out.

These sessions focus on improving the mobility and strength of your low back, core, hips and legs. Your program will start on the Monday after purchase to line up with your work week. Your back will thank you for this!



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