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Shoulder Tubing

Premium resistance band set includes a door anchor and two ankle straps to allow you to perform the widest variety of resistance training exercises possible. Perform full body workouts, strengthen your core, and isolate specific muscle groups. Great for toning your quads, glutes, buttocks, abs, biceps, triceps, legs and knees.

Resistance Bands Loop

High-quality resistance bands great for shoulder, leg, hip, and core strengthening. These are the same ones used in clinic and used for my own personal workouts as well! Includes 5 resistance levels, a travel bag, and an instruction manual with online workouts.

Stability Ball

Thick, high-quality material that comes in 5 different sizes depending on what you need. Great for a variety of core stability exercises, hip and shoulder strengthening, stretching, and sitting. This one comes with a pump! (many do not)

Multi-Purpose Resistance Bands

Professional grade exercise and resistance tubing for stretching, muscle toning, improving balance, and conditioning all major muscle groups, increases both strength & flexibility subtly and naturally without free weights or dumbbells.

Work Out Sliders

One of my personal favorites! You can use these sliders for numerous exercises for your shoulders, hips or for a great core work out!

Foam Roller

One of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment. Whether using it to prepare your body for a workout, or to recover from one. This is a great tool to use daily!

Mobility Band

These bands are a huge help to loosen up your back, hips or shoulders! Numerous different stretches your can do with this. Very effective!

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If you spend hours working on your computer or looking at your phone, these are crucial for you. These help to reduce eye strain and headaches and are very comfortable!

Massage Cane

Great for trigger point release! The 2 hook design makes it easy to address trigger points from head to toe!

Shoulder Pulley

Versatile and can be used anywhere with a door! Great to loosen up tight shoulders or calm down a painful one.

Stretch Strap

Want something easier and more comfortable to use than a dog leash? With many loops along the strap it makes it easily adjustable so you can focus on results!

Electrical Stim TENS Unit

If you have never tried the pain relief you can get from a TENS unit then you are missing out! I love that I can put it on and go about my day while it helps eliminate or reduce my pain, without slowing me down!

Superfeet Inserts

What makes superfeet stand apart is the fact it not only provides arch support but heel support, too! I wear these in my running shoes and dress shoes daily!


My favorite model of percussion massage hands down! Not noisy or uncomfortable to hold like other versions. Feels great on sore or tight muscles!

2 lbs Weighted Ball

This can be used to help return to sport especially if a throwing athlete that needs shoulder stability exercises. Functional exercises for return to play!

Rock Tape (Kinesiology Tape)

Rock Tape helps keep you moving! Use it on a variety of joints and muscles to reduce pain.

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