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Meet The InstaCare Team

Dr. Dan Luczka, PT, DPT, OCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy

What made you decide to open InstaCare Physical Therapy in West Chester, PA?
Working as a sports medicine physical therapist in a very busy practice, I was seeing over 100 people a week, juggling several patients per hour. Due to the model of having multiple patients per hour, I was frustrated over the rate of improvement, knowing I could get quicker and better results with solely one-on-one care. I opened InstaCare Physical Therapy in West Chester, PA to provide one-on-one quality care exclusively by Doctors of Physical Therapy, rather than physical therapy aides.

Why the name “InstaCare?”
No script or referral is required for treatment at InstaCare Physical Therapy; you will feel your best sooner by not delaying treatment of your aches and pains, saving you time and money! InstaCare gives you the choice of instantly getting care!

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Dr. Lucas Hiller, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

What made you decide to work for InstaCare Physical Therapy in Chester Springs, PA?
I chose to work for Instacare because I was tired of the traditional PT model where patients were getting passed along to different therapists and aides. At Instacare, I am now able to develop an individualized plan of care for each patient, as well as assess each patient’s progress every session in order to help them reach their goals in the most efficient manner. 

At my previous jobs, I was seeing multiple patients per hour. Instacare aligns with my goals of providing the highest quality of patient care, while allowing me to focus on my patient’s specific needs every time we meet. With the one-on-one care model of Instacare, I am able to provide a high level of evidence-based practice while utilizing hands on skills that I otherwise would not have time for at other facilities. My goal is to get my patients back to doing what they love l in a fun and friendly atmosphere! In this setting, I am not only able to get my patients pain-free fast, but assist them in living a more active and fulfilling life!

Why did you pursue becoming a doctor of physical therapy?
I chose to pursue a career in physical therapy after enduring a knee injury in high school while playing football. I went to a physical therapist who was able to get me feeling better and back to playing fast! I was shocked at how the therapist was able to help me by simply using his hands and guiding me through a customized treatment plan without requiring surgery, injections, or medications. 

Physical therapy aligns perfectly with my passion of helping people through health and wellness! My goal is to help the world to move better and move more often so  they don’t miss one second of doing what they love to do! Whether it is playing with their grandchildren or hitting a PR on their deadlift, I thoroughly enjoy helping my patients achieve their goals!

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The InstaCare Difference

"Dan is a great physical therapist who takes time to understand every aspect of your concern. He is extremely thorough and incredibly smart. He has tailored my home exercise program so that I can make it work with my busy work schedule and incorporate it into my workday. He also has lots of innovative tools in his office to enhance the quality of the sessions and really get to the root of the issue."

- Chelsea, Physician Assistant

"Quite possibly the best Physical Therapy anywhere. Rarely does a service provider consistently exceed expectations but after a year+ of working with Dan, I can say he has done just that. He has worked with my son to return him to high-level competitive hockey after what could have been a sport-ending injury. He not only addressed the physical recovery but helped with dietary issues and psychological concerns that come along with long-term injuries. We cannot recommend or thank him enough!"

- Anslee 

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