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"Dr. Dan is simply -- excellent. He grasps the concern the patient has and applies solid questions and then moves to the most contemporary solutions in physical therapy. In some cases the approach is straight forward, in my case there are muscle structures, posture and movement that all contributed to the pain and all are being address. Thanks Doc."

- Ernie

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"Dan Luzcka is a physical therapy genius! One of the few who actually care about your health improvement, not about your money. Have seen him for both neck and lower back issues and both times he was extremely helpful and caring. When other PT’s told me I had to stop going to the gym and start seeing them every week, Dan was the one who actually gave me exercises and stretches that helped me get back to my regular gym schedule in no time."

- Carly

"Dan is the best! Just when I thought I was destined for surgery, Dan is breathing new life into my worn out knee. He's a tremendously knowledgeable and caring person. And it's liberating not to have to work within the confines of a prescription and insurance. Thank you, Dan!"

- Donna

"Attention to detail was amazing. Didn’t pawn me off on some college kid trainee. Felt like I was truly getting my money’s worth. They also arm you with information to take home with you so you can end your treatments as fast as possible. They set you up with a private link to their website where they download exercise videos to access at home. Really helps to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly at home."

- Peter

"I was referred to InstaCare by my trainer when I found out I had tendinitis in my rotator cuff and I had two months to train for an open water race and was told by an orthopedic that I had to take almost a month off. Dan is super nice and friendly! He is extremely knowledgeable and really cares about treating patients. The thing I really liked was how Dan really took the time to explain to me about my injury and everything that he was doing to treat it. After working with Dan I was back in the pool way faster than I thought and I was prepared for my race! Without Dan I would not have been able to race with that short of time. My rotator cuff was totally fine for my race. I highly recommend InstaCare!"

- Gabriela

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